Dawn Golden Remixes

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Let Dawn Golden’s remix of White Lies “Change” wash over you and you will be utterly swept away. It was the anthem of my breakup (hey, everyone needs a breakup song) and is rather perfectly self-categorized as “Sad Big Room”. He has several other experimental, sad, and haunting tracks on his soundcloud (“Sad Bangers”), so if you’re looking for something moody, have a look.

His remix of The Chain Gang of 1974’s “Sleepwalking” is another great example of his remixing talents, with a nice balance of beats and bass worked into the already solid alt rock song.

“White Noise” Remixes

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The creature above is something known as a raccoon dog. Bam–two of my favorite critters in one. It was rescued by a policeman and has been wearing knitted shirts ever since.

Do yourself a tremendous favor and listen to Hotel Garuda’s remix of Disclosure’s “White Noise”.  With a saxophone sample from Klingande’s “Punga” and MNEK’s groovy vocals, its chill disco-house vibes hit all the sweet spots. To me, it is all a remix should be–different from the original and entirely able to hold its own. Your spirit will soar.

Im also impressed by this fresh remix by XYconstant. This kind of production–with its soulful house sound and deep distorted vocals–seems perfect on any nocturnal tunes playlist.

New Clockwork

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I am a huge fan of RL Grime, so I was pretty stoked to see Henry Steinway play as his other DJ handle, Clockwork, at a club in Hollywood recently. (You mean Steinway is TWO good producers in one?? Yes, pretty dope no?)

Alas, these days I get off on trap, and less so on Clockwork’s “big room” genre. My loyalties will thus lie with his trap alter ego from now on.

On tuesday Clockwork released a preview of his new single “Blitz”, out November 1st. With its high-pitched synths and driving beat, its built for fist-pumping. Personally, I like the more mellow interlude between the song’s build ups and drops, but thats about it.

I prefer his Surge EP of last summer, which features Wynter Gordon’s feel-good vocals on the title single.

My all time favorite song of his remains “Titan”, specifically the Coyote Kisses remix. Because its a trap spin on it, haha.

New(ish) Krewella


I have SUCH MIXED FEELINGS about Krewella. On the one hand, the group produces a ton of not-so-guilty pleasure pop-edm jams, perfect for drunken club and festival dancing. On the other hand, their ultra auto-tuned lyrics really suck, and their tracks easily get old.

Alas, I have a strange sense of loyalty to them because I threw my 21st birthday bash at a small Bingo Players/Krewella show–before they blew up big time–and had a crazy great night. The hour long Troll Mix: Makeout Edition they released in February is a knockout melodic dubstep mix. I also like seeing some ladies up in the EDM game, and Jahan and Yasmine are super sweet. I know because I met them as an extra on the set of “Live for the Night,” which they partially shot in a warehouse in LA.

My insights from this experience are basically that you should volunteer to be an extra if you have an incredible amount of patience or bring along a lot of friends to entertain you, because you will be sitting on your ass waiting to shoot your scene for 6 solid hours. But its worth it if you get to dance under champagne showers. See video below:

Krewella’s new hardstyle/trap track “Party Monster”–available for free download on their soundcloud–is more up my alley then their electro house work. Check it out:

Introducing: Grizfolk


There is nothing quite so frustrating as having an artist you love play three times in town and having to miss every single show. Welcome to my relationship with new favorite electro-pop-folk group Grizfolk.

First off, their music has radio hit all over it. If you’re always tuned into Los Angeles’s KROQ, like me, that is. It hits all the right nerves, melding high-octane synth-pop, addicting indie vocals, and a healthy dose of beats and guitar.

Their Soundcloud page describes them best:

“The story behind the band Grizfolk unfolds like a richly episodic Beat novel: it’s a collection of vignettes that give way to one another with ease; their songs like chapters in a traveler’s cherished diary, suspended in time and space above an aural landscape of blue-collar romanticism and electro-inflected folk-rock.

Their songs speak of dusty deserts and the vagabonds that inhabit them, mixing America’s country music heritage with that of an electro-pop persuasion: It’s where folklore meets four-on-the-floor; where tumbleweeds meet turntables. Songs that sound both futurist and revivalist at once; fashioned from a casually-indefinable collage of synth-pop squelches, junkyard percussion, undeniably catchy hooks and boot-stomping guitar lines.”

Be sure to download the 3 song sampler from their forth coming Debut EP “Indian Summer” through their fb and soundcloud pages. If you do it now you can say you knew of them way back when, haha.

Sex Post #1

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I’ve noticed some tracks under the genre “Sex” have made it into my itunes in recent months. Here they are, listed in order of increasing sexiness.

Minnesota really worked magic on this song. One listen and you’ll want to get your flirt on.

Are those xylophone sounds I hear? How a song that croons “do you like drruuuugggss” can be sensual is beyond me, but Cashmere Cat has done it, and his sound is quite refreshing.

Distorted vocals, creaking bed noises, serenades from the man who brought you “Birthday Sex”? Yeah this has it all.

Lovely piano and otherworldly vocals on this track from Solice, and the drumwork keeps things interesting.

Shlohmo is, in my humble opinion, the ultimate Sex music producer. These two tracks featuring Jeremih’s vocals (who upon reviewing this list, appears to be the voice of Sex music) will leave you utterly converted. Incredibly. Sexy.

Trappity Trap Trap

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Some trap I’ve been jamming to on soundcloud lately.

BLVZE UP is pretty dirty, combining your typical trap 808s with some choral work out of a Hans Zimmer scored battle scene. Not really, but you get that epic impression.

This banger starts out with the major synth and sound of a progressive house track, and while it maintains some of that vibe throughout, it becomes a different beast with the drop about a minute and a half in.

The tags on this one include “booty bass” and “face melting”–make of it what you will. Full version out soon.

I’m a big Keys N Krates supporter, and this track is huge for them. “The track’s hip-hop basses combined with feel-good electronic synth melodies explains why these three dance pioneers should be ‘treated right’ by contemporaries throughout the rest of 2013″ – VIBE Magazine. Keep it comin’ fellas.


Coyote Kisses–Thundercolor New EP


Coyote Kisses New EP Thundercolor is available for purchase todaaayyy. Have a listen on their soundcloud.

Im quite pleased that these tunes really can’t be put in a box–the EP as a whole is diverse with the upbeat “This is How You Know” balanced by the mellow “Driving at Night,” and every track literally defies genre. “Stay With You” and “Changing Guard” are the standout songs for me.

In the same vein as their self-described “glitterpunk” cover of Seven Lions’ “Days to Come”–which I’m pretty certain won his much-hyped remix competition– “Changing Guard” also features that melodic electric guitar-on-helium sound.

If CK’s cover of “Days to Come ” and “Changing Guard” do it for ya definitely check out Ronald Jenkee’s “Guitar Sound” :

Gatzby Remixes

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19 year old Swedish producer Gatzby is tearin it up. Can’t wait to see more from this kid.

 PRESS PLAY. This is masterful remixing at its best–Gatzby turned Matisyahu’s alternative reggae sound into a dance jam. Easily one of my favorite remixes.

Say what you will about Xtina, she’s got chops. I dont know why her stuff doesnt get remixed more, she has the voice to carry strong progressive house tracks.